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I've been following Idina's career since the early 90's, after hearing her sing on the soundtrack for the musical RENT, her debut Broadway performance.

For those who don't know Idina, she is a Tony award winning actress and performer.

For all the "Glee" fans (like me and I don't care about admitting it either) she plays Rachel's biological mother and has also appeared on Private Practice.

Her movie credits include Disney's romantic fable Enchanted with Patrick Dempsey, Ask The Dust and reprised her role as Maureen in the movie RENT.

Like a bottle of wine, butter, café and thé, marmelade, milk so you do not need immediately go to the store even if they are just a few minutes walk from the house. The hot water is supplied by solar energy coupled to the gas boiler.

She has also performed principal roles in Aida and Chess.

May I also mention that she is married to actor Taye Diggs, (lucky girl! It has recently been announced that she is the voice of the Snow Queen in Disney's next animated movie Frozen, to be released in November this year.

The sharp, satirical wit of Chayefsky really comes out with this flick.

If you want to stay in and treat yourself to a dark satire on the hypocrisies of our time look no further than this well-aged cinematic magnum opus.


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