Employers mandating vaccinations

"Vaccines save lives and protect against the spread of disease.

If you decide not to immunize your child, you put your child at risk.

Here are some of the stories we reported on last year: Tri Health fires 150 employees in Cincinnati for not getting flu shots More Nurses Refuse Flu Vaccine and Lose Their Jobs – Will only pro-vaccine people soon work at hospitals?

Brave Nurses Lose Jobs to Stand on Principle and Refuse Forced Vaccinations Another Healthcare Worker Tells Her Story of Losing Her Job of 17 Years for Refusing Flu Vaccination Now, a recent meta-analysis study just published this month by the CDC reveals that flu vaccinations among healthcare workers offer no evidence of protection to the patients under their care!

And influenza experts who commented on the analysis pointed out that, for specific outcomes such as lab-confirmed influenza, the data showed little evidence of protection for patients.

The meta-analysis, by researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appeared in an early online edition of .

While each university is required to include religious exemption information in the institution’s annual handbook, manual, or other similar documents for faculty and students, a standardized statement and format for providing this information does not seem to exist.

If you wish to decline vaccinations or are concerned that you may be denied admission if you have not received any vaccines, know two things: (a) there are no laws mandating vaccines for post secondary school admission and (b) the laws/rules governing these institutions stipulate that admissions policy must accommodate for religious beliefs.

We learned that new mandates for mandatory flu vaccinations of healthcare workers was tied into new requirements for Obamacare.The university system was previously governed by the Florida Board of Regents until disbanded by the legislature in 2001.At that time the K-12 education system became the K-20 system.Most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in preventing disease... All vaccines must be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).The FDA will not let a vaccine be given unless it has been proven to be safe and to work well in children... in many parts of the world many vaccine-preventable diseases are still common.A review of the laws, codes and rules pertaining to vaccination requirements and exemption provisions is provided below.


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