Validating soap request

I've written about using the Soap Http Client Protocol subclasses generated by several times over the last year, including handling authentication, HTTP response codes, and setting timeouts properly.Today I needed to change the code in TFS to better handle characters that are not allowed in XML.Hello This might be slightly off topic, but anyway: I need to validate a SOAP Request against its WSDL.This must be kind of similar to validating a xml-Document aginst its XSD, but I'm stuck here.This may turn into a problem when developing the web service, since a required attribute in the schema may not be present in the request and the request will arrive to our service with no further notice.In many cases, this behavior is not a problem, you just need to consider in your web service that a null value may come for a required attribute.

Validate Atomic Value(String string Value, Xml Schema Simple Type& member Type) at System.

DOMDocument60";_xml Schema : Automation "'Microsoft XML, v6.0'.

This feature will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server.

The problem is that if you have a method on your web service that takes a String parameter, someone may call that method with a string that contains characters that are not allowed in XML.

That input may come from a command line switch or a text box in a GUI.


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